This week during Band Camp, most of the musicians will have their uniform fittings. The images below explain what the students will be wearing to field show competitions this year.

The Competition Uniform

The Samohi Band program provides the uniform, hat, and gloves. Part of the money that Band families are asked to donate every year goes towards the purchase and repair of competition uniform pieces. Students are expected to provide their own black socks. Students may buy the marching shoes, or borrow shoes that the Band owns.

Uniform Layout.jpg

Variations on the Competition Uniform

Drumline members do not wear gauntlets, because gauntlets would interfere with the drumsticks. Some percussionists wear wristbands to keep their sleeves from catching on the instruments. Sousaphone players do not wear hats, because sousaphones bells are notorious hat killers. Members of the Front Ensemble do not wear hats, gauntlets or gloves. In some years, the Front Ensemble wears costumes instead of uniforms.

Uniform Layout2

The Rehearsal Shirt

Rehearsal Shirt

Beneath their competition uniforms, musicians are expected to wear the VMB Rehearsal Shirt. It has a gold Viking helmet on the front. Every year, each musician is issued a new rehearsal shirt. Students may wear their new shirts or shirts from previous years. Information is coming soon about how new students may purchase additional Rehearsal Shirts.


VMB Musicians wearing the Rehearsal Shirt and marching “bibbers”

CLICK HERE for more information about the Casual Uniform

Color Guard Costumes

The Color Guard costume changes every year. The Color Guard instructor will inform students about requirements for what to wear beneath the costume, and the type and color of footwear required.

Uniform Layout3

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