Tuxedo fittings took place during Concert Band classes last Friday, October 6th. Here are a few things you might like to know, if you have decided to rent a tuxedo from Elite Tuxedo this school year:

1.  Student Tuxedo Pick-Up Day:

A notice will go out to advise the day that tuxedos will be delivered to Samohi for your student to pick up.  Please have your student try on the garment within 1-2 days of receipt so that in the rare case that it does not fit properly, you may contact Elite Tuxedo directly to make adjustments.  You will need to go to the store to have that done.
Elite Tuxedo is working hard to issue all Band student tuxedos prior to our October 24th Fall Concert.
If your student is performing in the Samohi Bands’ Fall Concert, but indicated “Choir” or “Orchestra” on the rental form, please contact us right away, so that we can inform Elite Tuxedo about our Band deadline!

2.  If your student did not get fitted at Samohi last Friday, but you still want to rent a tuxedo:

You can go to Elite Tuxedo and have the fitting done at their store.  Please call in advance  to make sure that they will be able to meet your timeline for having the finished tuxedo delivered to Samohi. Contact:
Elite Tuxedo 310-474-9090
2074 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles

3.  If your student came to the fitting and:

a. Provided payment, but did not have a completed rental form,
b. Did not provide payment for the rental, or
c. Provided a check payment but did not provide a credit card guarantee for the return of the tuxedo, then your rental will not be processed!
In order to secure your rental,

You will need to download the Elite Tuxedo Order Form.

You must complete the top part of the form (Student Name and contact information), and the rental agreement at the bottom of the form. Your card will not be charged, unless you indicate that you want to pay by credit card.
To pay by credit card:  You may submit your order form to Elite Tuxedo via email at info@elitetuxedo.com. Call Elite at 310-474-9090 to confirm that your tuxedo will be ready when you need it. Since your student already had a fitting, Elite will have the measurements at their shop.
To pay by cash or check:  You may deliver your completed form with payment to Elite Tuxedo at 2074 Westwood Blvd. You must fill out the credit card guarantee portion of the form. Your card will not be charged, if you return all pieces of the tuxedo at the end of the school year (date TBA). Since your student already had a fitting, Elite will have the measurements at their shop.
Once again, here is a link to the:  Elite Tuxedo Order Form

4.  Lost & Found:  

Two sweatshirts were left in the room – A gray Abercrombie and a blue Dodgers sweatshirt. (See the image above in this post.) If they are yours, please go to the Orchestra Office to claim it by October 13th.

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