The Teatro Tor Bella Monaca in Rome has opened ticket sales for the Samohi Wind Ensemble concert on Thursday, April 11, 2019. Messrs McKeown and Garnreiter are now officially conduttori, and Ms. Woo is a conduttrice!

This concert has RESERVED SEATING.
For advance seating, Samohi Band families and friends must buy from the link below.

Click here for Tor Bella Monaca concert tickets

 The process has a lot of steps, and the website is entirely in Italian:
  1. On the ticketing website, click on the white button reading “ACCEDI O REGISTRATI“; this takes you to the login page.
  2. Log in as Username: vickyviking (all lower case), Password: $amoHi2019; then click the “ACCEDI” button.
  3. Click the tab reading “SELEZIONE MANUALE DEL POSTO” to choose your seats; simply click on any purple-shaded seats you want. There is no balcony – only a raised portion of the auditorium (see photo above); PALCOSCENICO means stage. Ticket price is € 11,79 each.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and enter the captcha code to prove you’re not a robot, then click the black “ACQUISTA” button.
  5. For US buyers, the theatre will issue only the “bigletto traditionale” (printed ticket) to be retrieved at Will Call, which opens one hour before the concert begins. To confirm that you accept Will Call tickets, scroll down and click the box next to the words “Confermando il tuo ordine” (confirming your order), then click the black “CONFERMA” button at lower right.
  6. Almost done! On the gray payment screen, scroll down to “Carte di Credito” section and click on the red and white button “Paga con Carta di Credito“. Fill in the information on the next screen, which is very similar to English payment screens. “Titolare carta” means cardholder name. You must click the white box next to the privacy declaration before completing payment; then click PAGA at bottom.
  7. You will receive an email receipt at the email address you enter on the payment screen.

When you are all done, please send an email to Samohi Band, <> letting us know you bought tickets. The Band receives an email from the ticketing website, every time someone buys tickets – but the email does not give us the name of the buyer. It’s helpful to know who bought what seats, so we can tell future buyers where the Samohi families are sitting (in case they want to sit near others who speak English :-D).

Link to theatre website with event description:  WIND ENSEMBLE Santa Monica High School

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 9.59.39 AM (2)

3 thoughts on “Wind Ensemble Concert at Teatro Tor Bella Monaca

  1. I could not get past the username and login. Has it been changed. vickyviking and $amoHi did not work.

  2. Since chaperones are going with the band, do we need to get our own tickets? Isn’t the leadership team going to get them for us along with the staff? Of course, we’ll pay for the tickets. Thanks

    1. The money that chaperones paid to participate in the tour also covers concert tickets for them. The Band will reserve seats for them.

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