SAMOHI BAND DRESS CODE: For all band concerts, students must wear either a tuxedo (or black jacket & pants/white shirt/bowtie) OR an approved concert black dress.

Please read the dress code carefully. There is no requirement to rent a tuxedo. If you would like to rent a tuxedo for your student, Elite Tuxedo offers a yearly rental for $130 (for flat-front pants, which the vendor recommends) or $120 (for pleated pants, which are very roomy). If you are paying by check, please choose your style ahead of time!

Elite Tuxedo will be fitting students during all band classes on Thursday. They will NOT fit your student unless they have their completed form and payment. 

You can access Elite Tuxedo’s rental form here.

Please note: If you decide to rent a tuxedo, a credit card is required as security deposit even if you send in a check to Elite Tuxedo. The credit card will not be charged as long as all parts of the tuxedo are returned at the end of the school year.

Concert dresses will also be fitted during band classes on Thursday.

Students can either buy a new dress for $80 via the Band Registration Form, or they can borrow one through the band program.

If you think you will have difficulty finding clothing that follows the dress code, please contact us at for assistance.

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