— Band, Choir, and Orchestra —

At this point, the band spring concert has also been canceled for all five bands.

Out of an abundance of caution — especially in regard to large gatherings amid the threat of the coronavirus — our Stairway of the Stars concerts for band, choir, and orchestra have been canceled for 2020.

From the district superintendent’s office: “We are all saddened that this is the situation we are facing and that our students will not have this opportunity to shine for the broader community, but this appears to be the best decision at this time…. Thank you to all our talented students and the music teachers and professionals in our district who work so hard with our students every single day…. Please understand that this decision was not made lightly, and thank you in advance for your understanding.”

Please visit the website for information about refunds. But first please note:

If you don’t seek a refund, 100% of whatever money SMMUSD can recover will be used to pay for the Stairway of the Stars expenses that have already been incurred, including sheet music, rehearsals and instruction, guest conductor expenses, printing, etc. In the unlikely event that non-refunded ticket sales and donations exceed what has already been spent on the program, the remaining funds will benefit SMMUSD’s music programs. At this point, it is expected that the district will lose money on the event, as it tends to cost about the same amount that it brings in each year (i.e. it does not generate a profit).

Wind Ensemble Students: The UCLA festival has also been canceled.

Thank you for understanding, and stay healthy and safe!

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