Auditions for 2022-23 concert bands are due Friday, April 22, 2022.

Be sure to submit your application form at this link:

2022-2023 Samohi Band Placement Audition Form

Here is a message from Mr. McKeown about auditions for the Wind Symphony (Band IV) and Wind Ensemble (Band V):

Dear Interested Wind Symphony and Wind Ensemble Students,

For this year’s audition please upload your circle of fifths, starting on concert Bb. You can divide the scales into two videos if that is easier to upload. You can choose your tempo for the audition. If you can play at a faster tempo (and if it sounds good) you can choose to share that. If you can demonstrate extended range (and it sounds good) you can also choose to share that.
If you are not familiar with the entire circle of fifths, please play as many scales that you are comfortable playing. Students auditioning for the top ensembles will definitely need to submit all 12 major scales.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. McKeown at

NOTE: All 2022 auditions must be uploaded via Google Classroom. STUDENTS, please log into your Google Classroom to submit your scales and your solo.


You will find more information about all 5 Samohi concert bands at this link:

2021 Samohi Bands Audition Information

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