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In order to perform with the group, Samohi Concert Band students are required to wear either:

  • a tuxedo
  • a black suit (or black pants and black jacket) with a white button-down dress shirt and black bowtie
  • an approved concert black dress

Each fall, on a date to be announced, there are dress and tuxedo fittings scheduled during all band classes. See below for purchase and rental options.

If you think you will have difficulty finding clothing that follows the dress code, please contact us at for assistance.


Tuxedos and black suits can be purchased for less than $100 from JC Penny, Amazon and other discounted men’s stores. Tuxedos can also be rented for the year from Elite Tuxedo. Please note: there is no requirement to rent a tuxedo.

A form will be available online and in print shortly before the tuxedo/dress fitting day.

Band Formal Wear

If you choose to rent from Elite Tuxedo, please note:

1) There are two types of pants available: flat front, which is a slimmer look, and pleated, which is baggier. If you choose flat front in the fitting, the price increases by $10. This is an important detail if you are filling out a check in advance for your student.

2) Payment goes directly to Elite Tuxedo; do not pay the Samohi Bands. Please note that even if you pay by check, a credit card is required for security. It will not be charged if all items are returned at the end of the school year.

Concert Black Dress

If you are not planning on wearing a black tuxedo (or black suit with bowtie) for concerts, you must wear an approved concert black dress. You can either purchase one or borrow one from the band program; we ask for a small contribution for borrowed dresses, but no payment is required. You can pre-order a dress for $80 on the Band Registration Form

Dresses come in three styles. All three are stretchy and long, and so can often be worn for all four years of the band program. Dress fittings will take place during all Concert Band class periods on a date to be announced in class. If you would like to borrow a dress, we will try to lend you the style you want, but most of our loaner dresses are Style A (Geneva), pictured below.

Concert Dress Image 2


Para participar con el grupo en los conciertos, se requiere que los estudiantes de las Bandas de Samohi usen  – O –

  • un esmoquin, ó un traje negro, ó pantalón y saco negro con camisa abotonada blanca – O –
  • un Vestido Negro Aprobado

La faja “cummerbund” es opcional.


Los esmóquines y trajes se pueden comprar por menos de $100 en JC Penny, Amazon y otras tiendas de descuento de ropa de hombre. También se pueden alquilar los esmoquínes anualmente a través de Elite Tuxedo. Pruebas para determinar los tamaños de los estudiantes serán durante todas las clases de Banda de Concierto, en una fecha que será anunciada pronto. Elite ajusta los esmóquines y/ó intercambia tallas de esmoquínes durante el año sin gasto adicional. Los formularios impresos y en línea estarán disponibles antes del día del ajuste del esmoquin.

Vestido Negro Aprobado

Si usted desea comprar un nuevo vestido de concierto, hay tres estilos disponibles. Si desea pedir prestado un vestido, intentaremos prestarle el estilo que usted quiere, pero la mayor parte de nuestros vestidos de préstamo están en el “Estilo A” de manga larga. Pruebas para determinar los tamaños de los estudiantes serán durante todas las clases de Banda de Concierto.