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All Samohi concert band classes meet the college preparatory “A-G” subject requirements of the University of California and California State University systems, in the visual and performing arts “F” category. The program currently comprises five fully instrumented concert bands, all of which present at least three concerts during the school year. Students are also encouraged to audition for local, state, and national honor bands and orchestras.

Auditions for Samohi concert bands are held each May, and the results are listed by student ID number on the home page. Our five bands are as follows:


All students, whether new or returning, must complete the following form:

2019-20 Samohi Bands Registration Form

This form is needed to gather contact information so we can send you concert dates and updates, rehearsal times, and other important information. It is possible to complete the form without making any payments or contributions.


The Concert Band program needs your financial support. The suggested donation is $250 per student for an entire year of Concert Band. (That’s only $25 per month of school.) This amount is merely a suggestion. We gratefully accept and acknowledge donations of any amount.

How will my Concert Band contribution be spent?

Together, the following items account for 90% of annual Concert Band expenses:

  • Concert Band coaches and clinicians, including percussion instruction in all five concert band periods, every day
  • Instrument purchases and repairs
  • Festival and competition / honor group entry fees (school eligibility fees)

Donors will be gratefully acknowledged in our Concert Band programs, at three levels. If you give now and then give more later, your donation will accumulate, and you will be acknowledged at the higher level.

Please note: All students may participate in all aspects of the band program regardless of their ability to contribute. Please contact Band Director Kevin McKeown if you need financial assistance.

Concert Dress Code Policy

For all band concerts, students must wear either a tuxedo (or black jacket and pants with white dress shirt and black bowtie) OR an approved concert black dress.

Read more about concert attire here.